Welcome to my Art Education Porfolio!

How it all began…


So what am I to do?  In the spring of 2014, I participate in an alternative spring break program.  A teacher challenges me to motivate thirty prepubescent boys in, arguably, the most destitute section of one of our country’s most troubled cities, Detroit.


I knew I needed to strike a connection with these students.  I encouraged them to identify hobbies and activities that bring them joy. I told them how art and yoga bring happiness into my life.  I advised there is nothing to lose by striving for greatness.  I preached the power of positive thinking and the virtues of perseverance.


In the summer of 2015, I endured a one hundred mile hike.  It rained for several days and after suffering a badly sprained ankle on day two of the eleven-day adventure, I began to investigate parts of my psyche that were previously unexplored.  Self-realization of courage and persistence flooded my mind.  The refusal to quit, whether conscious or not, is a choice.  I have consistently chosen to see tasks to completion.  Here and now, I am making the conscious decision to never quit on a student.  Equally important, I vow to provide the necessary tools to my students so they do not quit on themselves.


I am deeply passionate about art and I am deeply invested in teaching today’s youth the transformative qualities art can have on an individual.  I am understanding, patient, loving, and open-minded.  As an artist and a yogi, I explore, play, observe, and create.  I do not specialize in any one medium, but create what is calling to me in the moment.  I am moving in the direction of sustainable eco art.  I enjoy making sculptural objects out of recycled materials and hope to make all of my art supplies and artwork sustainable.  As an artist, I continuously seek new inspiration and strive to keep things new and interesting.

Throughout my licensure portfolio you will learn more about my personal artwork as well as my pedagogy.  I believe in an equitable and safe environment for all students to express themselves.  Additionally, I hope to inspire each student in a way that promotes personal growth.  I hope you enjoy my portfolio and further your understanding of who I am as an art educator. 

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Principles and InTASC Standards to Be Addressed:


Principle #1: The educator has knowledge and skills in the content of his or her endorsement at a level that enables students to meet or exceed the standards represented in both the Fields of Knowledge and the Vital Results of Vermont’s Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities. (See Art Education Endorsement Standards)


InTASC Standard #4: Content Knowledge: the teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline he or she teaches and creates learning experiences that make these aspects of the discipline accessible and meaningful for learners to assure mastery of the content.